Which sailing course is right for me?

Which sailing course is right for me?

We will attempt to explain the broad, and sometimes confusing, range of sailing courses.
You may have one or more of the following reasons for looking for a sailing course:

  • Wanting to learn the basics
  • Brush up on some rusty sailing skills,
  • Gain qualifications or skills so that you can charter
  • Improve your boat handling skills before taking an exam
  • Sharpening your sailing skills before racing

Or you may be looking for a sailing course for other reasons.  Regardless we hope to explain the entire range of sailing courses and explain the syllabus and objectives of each of the courses.

If you have never sailed before and are interested in learning to sail then we would recommend that you go on a sailing experience day before committing to a practical course, as we all need to test our sea-legs.  Once you have your sea legs then choosing the right course is very important to get the most from your time on the water.

In this article we hope to demystify the options available to allow you to make an informed decision on how best to make use of your money and your time on the water.  Sailing is all about experience, the more experience you have the better and more confident you will be on the water.

RYA Courses

Who are the RYA?

Find out more about the Royal Yachting Association (RYA): Who are the RYA?

Course Progression Flow Chart

Our course progression flow chart is designed to give you a visual aid to help you understand how the RYA and Equinox courses fit together to enhance your sailing experiences.

The courses are split into classroom based theory and practical courses, which take place on the water. 

RYA Theory Courses

Classroom theory courses are cheaper and frankly not as much fun as practical courses.  However, the theory courses will allow you to maximise the value of your time on the water and build your confidence.   Therefore before taking the RYA Day Skipper and RYA Coastal Skipper courses it is advisable, even though not an absolute requirement, to attend the relevant shorebased theory course.

Some of the RYA Theory courses are now available on-line at reasonable costs. Equinox believe that this recent development in on-line interactive sail training will be increasingly more important as sailors use them to study at more convenient times, to avoid travelling to classrooms and as a route to revise or brush-up on rusty skills. All Equinox on-line courses are supported by an instructor who is available by phone, email or Skype to ensure you get support similar to a classroom environment.

Which RYA Theory Course is right for me?

Theory courses are a great way of continuing your learning when the nights start to draw in and the weather becomes less favourable.  Equinox Sailing run all the RYA theory courses, both online and in a classroom.

Foundation courses

One of our foundation courses is the perfect place to start if you have little or no experience.  Foundation courses include practical and theory courses to allow you to learn and develop as a sailor.

Becoming a skipper

Becoming a skipper can be a rewarding, but challenging, experience.  We offer all the theory and practical courses to allow you to become a skipper and charter a boat in the UK or overseas.

Developing skipper and crew skills

Learning doesn’t stop once you have a qualification. We are always faced with new challanges; gaining valuable experience away from your comfort zone is an important part of developing as a member of crew or as a skipper.  We offer a number of courses that will help you develop your skills for the next challenge.

Becoming a RYA YachtMaster

You may be interested in a professional qualification to become a delivery skipper or perhaps a sailing instructor. For some it’s proving to themselves that they can do it.  We have put together some useful information about what level of experience and what skills you will need to become a RYA YachtMaster.

Supporting knowledge courses

Some useful information on short courses which are both useful and interesting and can make sailing a more enjoyable pastime.

Further Information

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