International Certificate of Competence (ICC)

International Certificate of Competence (ICC)

The International Certificate of Competency (ICC) is the most widely recognised proof of competence to be in command of a vessel.  The ICC is only applicable where the visited state (country) has also adopted or recognises the ICC as a valid standard of competency – known as Resolution 40.

The RYA are authorised by the UK Government to issue a UK ICC to eligible candidates. Equinox Sailing as an RYA Training Centre are authorised to conduct the ICC test.

Some countries have adopted and accept an ICC as a valid form of competency as part of Resolution 40. If you are a National of one of these countries and are resident in that country or another country on this list then you will not be able to apply for a UK ICC and therefore will need to contact your local government agency.

Nationals and residents from countries that have not accepted or do not recognise the ICC as part of Resolution 40 are able to apply for a UK ICC through the RYA. However, if any of these countries adopts Resolution 40 then this may have an impact on the ability of the RYA to issue a UK ICC to the Nationals and residents of that country.

If you hold dual nationality and the country of one of your nationalities has not signed up to Resolution 40 then you can apply for the ICC using that nationality. In this instance, the ICC will be issued under the nationality of the country not signed up to Resolution 40 and not under the applicant’s dual nationality.

The list of countries who have signed up to Resolution 40 is subject to change at short notice.  The most up to date list is available from the RYA website.

If you are planning to sail outside of UK waters then it is recommended that you contact your charter company to ensure that the UK ICC  is a valid form of competency to allow you to charter a boat.

The UK ICC assessment consists of a written test lasting approximately 40 minutes and includes questions on collision regulations, navigation, safety and pilotage.  This is followed by a practical test focussing on boat handling and navigation ability which should last approximately 2 hours.

You can download a copy of the ICC application form, which includes details of the written and practical test.

If you have no, or limited, knowledge of navigation or collision regulations these are covered to the necessary standard in the RYA Day Skipper Theory course.  If you have previously completed your RYA Day Skipper theory and are perhaps a bit rusty please contact us for advice on how to prepare. You may also find our Equinox Sailing manual useful – this is available for free download.

Holders of the RYA Day Skipper can apply for the ICC without any further tests providing they are a UK resident or from a country that does not accept the ICC as part of Resolution 40.

Equinox Sailing offer the ICC test.  To support candidates through the test, we also offer a day or half-day preparatory boat familiarisation and, if needed, a mock test.

ICC test – £200

ICC test including half day preparatory – £300

If you are considering taking the ICC then please contact us to discuss your readiness before you book the test.

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