RYA PPR Course

RYA PPR Course

The RYA PPR course is for skippers and crew using RYA qualifications to allow them to work commercially. As such, it is written mainly from the point of view of UK legislation and concentrates on your place in the international maritime environment as a UK certificate holder. However, it also explains the need to look beyond UK rules and regulations and take into consideration the requirements of the flag and port state.

Teaching scenarios throughout the course are based on a variety of boats, both sail and power. It may be that you do not have experience on any of the boats used but this will not affect your ability to complete the course as no specialist knowledge of any type of vessel is required – the same rules and regulations apply regardless of your type of boat or operation.

Before you start your course

  • take a look at the video below which explains how to use the course
  • read the technical support information on the right to make sure your computer will display the course correctly for you.

Course Details

Your RYA PPR instructor will be able to respond to any queries you may have during your course. You can contact your instructor using the link on the right and they should respond to you within 8 working hours.

The time it takes to complete the course varies greatly but the majority of students complete it in 10 hours or less. It’s up to you how you break your study time down to suit your availability.

To Book

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Course price is £39.

After you have completed your course and passed your online assessment, you simply print out your certificate.

Please contact us if you are interested in booking your PPR course with us.