Is the RYA Yachtmaster Theory course right for me?

Is the RYA Yachtmaster Theory course right for me?

Is the RYA Yachtmaster Theory course right for me?

The RYA Yachtmaster Theory course is an advanced course in navigation and meteorology for sailors who wish to go on to complete their RYA Coastal Skipper, RYA Yachtmaster Coastal, or RYA Yachtmaster Offshore.  The course allows for some revision of subjects covered in the RYA Day Skipper Theory course, but it is strongly advised that people with little or no previous navigation skills complete their RYA Day Skipper Theory course before considering studying this course.

Let’s go through what you’ll be learning:

During your RYA Yachtmaster Theory course you will learn advanced techniques to plot your position using a mixture of position lines, and the relevant accuracy of different types of fixes.  Learn to allow for variation and deviation, as well as the causes for deviation.

Being safe on a boat is very important and during your RYA Yachtmaster Theory course you will learn what safety equipment should be carried on board, fire precautions and fire fighting, the use of personal safety equipment, how to send a mayday and learn the capabilities of different types of vessels and their suitability for different conditions.  Learn what action should be taken in fog  and how to navigate into safe water.

Knowing which vessel is ‘stand on’ and which is the ‘give way’ vessel is important for any skipper, so during your RYA Yachtmaster Theory course you will learn the principles of IRPCS (International Regulation for Preventing Collisions at Sea) and what action should be taken to avoid them.  You will learn what day shapes should be used during daylight and what lights different types of vessels show at night, allowing you to establish if a risk of collision exists.

A large part your RYA Yachtmaster Theory course will be learning navigational skills, both traditional paper and modern GPS skills. Learn to plot your position using advanced techniques so you know the boat is in safe water and out of danger.  Learn how buoyage differs in some parts of the world and what to expect if you sail those waters.  Plan longer coastal passages and what extra considerations are needed regarding the wind and the tide.

Learn the importance of getting up to date weather forecasts, whether it’s getting up early for the Shipping Forecast, downloading it to your phone or checking the marina office.  Learn to make to most of the weather and plan your trips to take advantage of the weather now and later.  Learn how weather systems develop and what drives our weather in the UK.  Learn to identify the first signs of bad weather, so you are better equipped to deal with it when it happens.

The RYA Yachtmaster Theory course will provide you with the theoretical knowledge to become an RYA Yachtmaster Offshore, or give you the confidence to sail you boat on coastal passages by day of by night.

The RYA Yachtmaster theory course is available as a classroom based course or as an online course, for more information please contact us or check out the demo of the online course

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