Day Skipper Practical

Day Skipper Practical

Sailing is an enjoyable, safe, accessible, and reasonably priced sport that sees participation from individuals of all kinds of backgrounds, ages, and skill. There many different ways to get started in sailing through training one can be able to develop skills experience and confidence that one needs to start off. If you are new to sailing and are searching for day skipper classes, Equinox is an RYA training centre that can help you with this.

Equinox offers three kinds of day skipper lessons, the first is the RYA day skipper theory online. This course is recommended for anyone who wishes to eventually take the RYA Day Skipper practical course, the course provides the knowledge to navigate in familiar waters during the day and also offers basics on lights to introduce one to night cruising.

The second course is the RYA Day Skipper Theory that is also recommended for those who hope to take the RYA day skipper practical course. These lessons run throughout the year from the Equinox base in London. Like the RYA day skipper theory online the course offers a basic knowledge of lights and knowledge to navigate familiar waters by day.

The final one is the RYA day skipper which is designed to help put your theory into practice. From these lessons you can learn to captain a small yacht during the day in waters that are familiar. This course also allows one to gain qualification that is recognised and can allow you to charter your own boat. However to do this course one is required to have basic sailing and theory knowledge.

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