Yacht Racing

Yacht Racing

Yacht racing is one of the most exciting team sports around, requiring skill and team work.
Why not join us and race our Sigma 38 in one of the largest One Design fleets on the South Coast.

One Design yacht racing offers some of the closest racing – because all the boats are identical it is the crew that makes all the difference. We cater for all levels of experience as we race with a mix of experienced and less experienced sailors.

In 2013 the Sigma 38 celebrated its 25th anniversary. To celebrate we had a look at the yacht designer David Thomas and some of the other One Design yachts he has designed including the Sigma 38 Offshore One Design.


Inshore Racing

Consisting of a series of short races, generally finished in a day. A great way to spend a weekend on the water.

Offshore Racing

Race out of sight of land and push yourself to the limits, normally finished in time to be back at work on Monday morning.

Rolex Fastnet Race 2019

One of the most famous off shore races. Race from Cowes to the ‘tear drop of Ireland’ and back to Plymouth in this challenging 600 mile race.

Round Ireland Race

An 700mile + non-stop race around Ireland.  This race takes place once every two years and is for the more experienced sailor.

New to yacht racing?

Why not learn the basics on one of our weekend courses or practise your sail trim with our  sailing skills course.

Learn how to hoist, gybe, drop a spinnaker with our spinnaker training course.

Or take part in our race training weekend to combine all the skills and practise different crew positions on a racing yacht.

Become more familiar with the Racing Rules of Sailing with our simple guide.

We have put together a worksheet outlining the basics of yacht racing.

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