We all thrive on adventure – challenging ourselves with new experiences, new places and meeting new people. Sailing courses are a means to an end – but going sailing to stimulate and challenge ourselves can bring many rewards, including camaraderie and satisfaction as we have risen to the challenge. Many of us need such experiences to relax and to develop.

We strongly encourage your development through experience, increasing understanding and confidence. We are all learning all the time – even the most experienced!

Mile building cruises

Equinox offers longer cruises in UK waters for those gaining sea miles and wishing to develop as skippers and crew.

Yacht Racing

In-shore and off-shore racing test your skills further of boat handling, crew management, navigation and sail trim. There is immense satisfaction in making a sail competitively and understanding what works and what doesn’t. Sailing is believed to be the sport with the most variables to consider at any point in time and is usually a truly satisfying physical and mental challenge.

Yacht Charter

When you are ready you can charter your own yacht for either cruising or racing. Let Equinox make sure that you are ready.