Mile Builders

Mile builders are longer trips, often including overnight passages, which are ideal for sailors looking to build their experience and gain some ‘sea miles’. Often specifically organised trips or delivery trips moving a boat from one location to another, mile builders are useful for those working towards their RYA Yachtmaster Coastal or Offshore qualifications and a great way to meet new people.

Most mile builders aim to be longer that 60 miles, this allows the crew to get into a watch system and experience living on-board a yacht on passage. However, some passages could be 120-180 miles ensuring that the crew experience sleeping and eating while under-way.

Our organised mile builders are skippered by an experienced RYA Instructor/Skipper so although the trip is not an RYA course you will get the benefit of an experienced Instructor to help you plan and run your passage.

During our mile builders we will cover:

Night sailing
Passage planning
Passage making
Watch systems
YachtMaster qualifying passages
Use of weather forecasts

Practice your passage planning and experience why it is important to make tidal gates. See how busy a Traffic Separation Scheme (TSS) can be or undertake the challenge of identifying vessels at night.

Mile Builder Weekends
Fancy a weekend or a long weekend at sea?
We have a number of 3-day mile builders planned- wind and tide will dictate where we go. For further information please visit our Weekend Mile Building page.

Extended Mile Builders
Looking for a longer passage?
We also are planning a number of extended mile builders that will involve longer passages, allowing us to sail further.

Scotland Mile – Oban, South past the Isle of Man for a brief stop in Holyhead before heading for Lands End and finally along the South Coast back to Hamble.  This 7-day trip included spectacular scenery along the West Coast of Scotland and the tricky tidal conditions of the Irish Sea.

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