Sailing Workshops

We are running a series of monthly sailing workshops to help sailors brush up rusty skills and keep everyone fresh through the winter.  These are not just lectures– feel free to bring your questions and experience. We have suggested the following topics but if you have any other requests then let us know.

We start at 19:00 after a 60-90 minute workshop we have a few drinks. If you are interested in joining us please contact us for more information.

Meteorology– TBC
Weather prediction seems to be getting more difficult and on a more regular basis we have either huge amounts of wind or we’re almost becalmed.
We will look at how to obtain a weather forecast and how to interpret one, commonly used forecasting terms, land and sea breezes.
Tips on passage planning to minimize the negative impact of heavy weather.

Practical Tides– TBC
Climate change conditions seem to be making tide predictions more difficult. This workshop will talk through the practical considerations that cause tides to differ from the tide predictions.
We will revise the basics of tidal streams, where to obtain them, how to use them, calculating tidal heights using the rule of twelfth’s and tidal curves for primary and secondary ports.
Including combining traditional and electronic tide prediction sources.

Rope maintenance– TBC
Revision on the most commonly used knots and their usage.
Rope maintenance including whipping and splicing.
The causes and avoidance of rope twists and their impacts.

Passage Planning and Passage Making– TBC
How to prepare a passage plans, what to consider and how much detail to include. How to make best use of the prevailing conditions.  Combine traditional and electronic navigation and how to brief watches on the usage of the plan.

Pilotage and night navigation-TBC
Tips and tricks for navigating close to shore, the use of bearings, back bearing and clearing bearings.
Night Navigation and Lights- The difficulties of navigating at night, identifying different buoys and vessels.  You cannot be too familiar these topics.

Safety Equipment and victualling a boat-TBC
What safety equipment should you have? What do you need? Briefing the crew in usage.
The importance of keeping the crew fed and hydrated. Menu ideas and what to buy including how to plan meals into the watch rota.

Basics of celestial and longer passage navigation-TBC
Why and how to navigate by the sun and stars.
What is the difference between Mercator and Gnomic charts and which is best to use.  Revise great circles and how they can be used in passage planning.

Race Strategy-TBC
How to get the perfect start, start line bias and mark rounding.
Anticipating changes in tide and wind.

Crew roles and watch systems-TBC
A detailed look at crew roles and responsibilities on a racing or cruising yacht.
How best to organize a crew to keep a boat sailing when cruising long distances or offshore racing.