Sailing Skills
Spinnaker Training
Heavy Weather Sailing
Boat Handling Under Power
Navigation Practice
Race Training

Skipper and Crew Development

Sailing is  demanding, it requires many skills which need practice; the ability to read and harness the wind, navigation skills and the ability to control the boat with or without the motor.

If you are new to sailing, returning to sailing or looking to improve your technique, our skipper and crew development courses are designed to complement RYA sailing courses, participation in a racing series or cruising.

Boat handling under power

A course for skippers who wish to improve their boat handling skills, or are planning to charter and wish to get a refresher.

Sailing Skills
A course for anyone wishing to improve their sailing, also suited  to anyone who is thinking about racing but has never raced before.

Heavy Weather Training
Thinking of doing some offshore cruising? Learn how to cope as the wind increases.

Spinnaker Training
Learn how to hoist, drop, and gybe a spinnaker, also suited to anyone who is thinking about racing but has never raced before.

Navigation Practice
A course for skippers who wish to improve their navigation using traditional and modern techniques, learn to plan for those tidal gates and navigating in restricted visibility and at night.

Race Training
Thinking of going racing? This course is aimed at novice to intermediate racers, try all the positions on a boat and how to get a boat sailing quickly in a variety of conditions, upwind and down wind.

Refresher Sailing Course
Everyone has an area of their sailing that could do with some extra practice. This course is ideal for anyone planning to charter a boat or hasn’t sailed for a while and would like to refresh their knowledge and brush up on some skills.

International Certificate of Competency (ICC)
The International Certificate of Competency (ICC) is useful as the most widely recognized proof of competence to be in command of a vessel.

Unsure which course is right for you? We will attempt to explain the broad, and sometimes confusing, range of sailing courses available.

Earn Equinox Sea Miles for the nautical miles you sail with us and redeem them against further Equinox events.
Or perhaps purchase Equinox Sea Miles as a gift for a fellow sailor.