Sail handlingLearn how to improve sail trim, and reefing

Sail Handling

Whether your new to sailing or enjoy racing or cruising, we have created some useful worksheets on sail handling to help you make the most of your time on the water. All the worksheets listed below are avalible to download for free and and are part of the Equinox Sailing Manual.

Points of Sail
A sailing boat is completely reliant on  the wind- knowing the direction of the wind allows you to trim your sails and when to tack of gybe a boat.

Tacking a boat
Why and when do we tack?  This sheet includes the calls commonly used on sailing boats.

Gybing a boat
Why and when do we gybe?  This sheet includes the calls commonly used on sailing boats.

Genoa/Jib Trim
The basics on how to use tell tales and how to position your jib cars.

Mainsail Trim
How to get the best from your main sail and what all the different controls do.

Symmetric Spinnaker Trim
How to trim a symmetric spinnaker.

Asymmetric Spinnaker Trim
How to trim an asymmetric spinnaker.

Sailing Drills
Tacking, gybing, hoisting and dropping the spinnaker, the calls we use while racing.

Headsail Changes
Different types of boats use more or less headsails , we have a look at the why some boats carry more head sails, and detail how to change them.

What and why we do it.