RYA Courses Flow Diagram

RYA Courses Flow Diagram

The RYA Cruising scheme offers sailors the opportunity to learn how to sail safely using a progressive structure of tried and tested techniques. The scheme has been built to train novice sailors through to a competent offshore or ocean sailor, from Start Yachting to Yachtmaster.

RYA courses are a fantastic way to improve your knowledge and sailing abilities, however due to the nature of the courses and time constraints its not always possible to gain all the experience needed to become an experienced sailor or skipper.

It is possible to complete your RYA Day Skipper with no previous experience other than attending the RYA Competent Crew, RYA Day Skipper theory and RYA Day Skipper practical courses.  Although some people find the time available during the courses sufficient to confidently handle a boat, there are some who require additional training to feel confident in some manoeuvres or need additional practice if they have taken a break between courses.

Over the years we have developed a range of courses and events to compliment the RYA syllabus. We strongly believe that sailors improve through experience on the water and we aim to provide this through a number of courses and events to support the RYA training.


Competent Crew Plus and Day Skipper Plus courses, help fill any gaps sailors might have in their knowledge or allow them the opportunity to refresh previously learnt skills before attending their next course.

For those wishing to complete their RYA Coastal Skipper or RYA Yachtmaster then additional experiences will be required.  Experience such as sailing in heavy weather, restricted visibility and general seamanship skills are very important to reduce the gaps in a sailors knowledge.  These skills are difficult to learn and experience in sheltered waters, so ensuring that you sail greater distances is very important.

For the competitive sailor this might be an opportunity to push their sailing skills and start racing yachts both inshore and offshore.

Racing inshore is a great team sport with everyone on board required  to execute manoeuvres  quickly and smoothly while racing around the course.  Some sailor specialise in a position, like helm, bow, pit or trim allowing them to become sought after crew members due to their practiced skills.

Racing offshore allows sailors to be involved in sailing the boat in watches, at night while perfecting their sail trim and helming techniques.   Offshore races favour all round sailors, due to the length of the races and the need to rest so its important that the boat can be sailed competitively throughout the race.

Racing provides you with time on the water and an opportunity to make sailing second nature.  Like most sports the more you sail the better you will become.

If racing doesn’t interest you then similar experiences can be gained during mile builders.  We run mile builders over 3 day weekends and longer trips up to a week.  Longer passages, sailing at night and gaining vital experience helming and trimming sails in a variety of conditions, allows sailing to become second nature enabling you to concentrate on other areas like boat handling in confined spaces.

If you are interested in any of the courses, mile builders or racing that we offer please contact us on 020 7002 7676 or [email protected]