Mini 6.50 Race Boat Charter

The Mini 6.50 is a 6.5m open class boat similar in many ways to a Class 40 or an Open 60, but a little bit smaller.  It is capable of achieving speeds in excess of 15 knots due to its large sail plan.

Don’t be fooled by its size, the Mini 6.50 is a proficient offshore racing boat with it own Mini Transat Race.  As the name suggests these “pocket rockets” are sailed single-handed from France to Brazil with a stop-over at the Canary Islands. This is a distance of 4000 miles; these boats are where a lot of single handed sailors like Dame Ellen MacArthur demonstrated they excelled at single-handed racing, before progressing to larger boats like Open 60’s.  Due to the ‘box design’ requirement for the Mini Transat, yacht designers often try out new technologies on boats entering the Mini Transat Race, such as rotating masts, water ballast and canting keels to prove they work before they become mainstream. These new technologies add to the interest in racing these boats.

Our boat is a Pierre Holland Prototype with a sliding keel and water ballast, a 42m2 sail plan and a 2m rotating bowsprit to project its 48m2 asymmetric spinnaker.

Race Boat Charter £360 per weekend
Race Coach £150 per day

If you are interested in chartering our Mini Transat ‘Keto’, our Advanced Racing Skills programme or Double Handed Racing please follow the links or contact us for further information.