Equinox Sea Miles

Equinox Sea Miles

Equinox Sea Miles
Introducing the new Equinox Sea Miles scheme.
Earn Equinox Miles for your nautical miles or purchase Equinox miles outright as a gift for a fellow sailor.

10nm = 1 Equinox mile = £1.00
Sea miles can be redeemed against Equinox events.

Earning Sea Miles
It’s simple; for every 10nm sailed on an Equinox course or event you will earn 1 ‘Equinox Mile’, which equates to £1.00.
The more you sail with Equinox, the more miles you will accrue – for example, if you complete the RYA Day Skipper course, you will sail approximately 100-120 nautical miles. This will equate to 10-12 Equinox Sea Miles or £10-£12 to be redeemed against another Equinox event.

Theory courses
Although not stepping foot on the water, theory courses will earn 10 Equinox Sea Miles.

One-day courses
RYA courses which take place over one day or two evenings will not qualify for Equinox Sea Miles.

Purchasing the Sea Miles
Looking for a gift for a fellow sailor?

Equinox Sea Miles can be purchased and ‘gifted’ to another – the Equinox Miles can then be redeemed by the recipient towards an Equinox event.

Sea Miles can be purchased in bundles of £20, £50, £100 at a rate of £1 = 1 Equinox Sea Mile.
Any purchase of £100 or over will receive an additional 5% of Sea Miles e.g.:
£20 = 20 Sea Miles
£50 = 50 Sea Miles
£100 = 105 Sea Miles (100 + additional 5%)
£200 = 210 Sea Miles (200 + additional 5%)

Once purchased, an email will be sent confirming the number of miles to be redeemed. This can be sent to the purchaser or directly to the recipient, as required.

Purchased Sea Miles will remain valid for 12 months from the purchase date.

Redeeming Sea Miles
Equinox Sailing will keep a log of all Equinox Sea Miles earned or purchased.

To redeem the Miles, ensure you make us aware at the time of booking the Equinox event.

Equinox will endeavour to confirm the number of Sea Miles to be earned upon on the completion of an Equinox event.
Updates on the number of Sea Miles earned will be available on request.

More information can be found in our terms and conditions

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