Crew Positions

A fully crewed Sigma 38 has nine positions, from aft they are:

Steers the boat and works closely with the trimmers and tactition to maximise the speed of the boat, call the tacks and gybes.

Mainsheet trimmer
Trims the mainsail and is responsible for the runners, works closely with the helm to maintain boat speed. Cick here for a useful sheet on trimming the mainsail

Pit / Crew Boss
Responsible for all lines leading to the cockpit. A crucial role when hoisting and dropping the spinnaker, coordinates between cockpit and foredeck.

Sheet trimmer
Jib and spinnaker trimmer, crucial to getting the boat back up to speed after tacking and keep the spinnaker flying during gybes. works very closely with main sheet trimmer, helm and sheet grinder. Cick here for a useful sheet on trimming the Jib

Trimmers mate
Works with sheet trimmer during tacks, and controls the spinnaker guys, and works closely with the pit to control the pole. Cick here for a useful sheet on trimming the Spinnaker

Navigation / Tactics
Responsible for getting the boat around the course, using the wind and tide to best advantage, works closely with helm and trimmers to find the fastest way around the course.

Works with  foredeck to hoist gybe drop spinaker and helps hoist and drop genoa on demand. Works closely with pit and helps retreive the spinnaker.

Responsable for calling the line during starts, and identifying overlaps. Prepares the spinnaker before a hoist, and gybes the pole, works closely with the mastman and repacks the spinnaker.