Coastal Sailing

Coastal Sailing

Weather forecasts can be very accurate when the weather systems are stable.  However if there are unstable weather systems, forecasting further than 24 hours can become difficult.  For coastal sailing you should monitor the weather before your trip. Long range forecasts although sometimes not as accurate can be used to watch weather systems or to reconise a weather window.

Below are some weather websites we find useful.

Useful weather forecasting site

Met office
Shipping and sea area forecast

Free downloadable GRIB files to view offline

Useful weather forecasting site

Synoptic charts
Useful long range weather forecasting site

While on passage get weather updates as often as you can. VHF radio and BBC Radio 4 LW can be used to get shipping forecast when the internet is not avalible.  Be prepared to alter your destination should the forecast change.

If you are planning a day sail check out our page on Day Sailing.