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Easy Satay – suitable for the boat, or an easy night at home

Easy Satay – filling, healthy and inexpensive This is the start a series of recipes for easy production of healthy meals, suitable for the boat galley, or at home when you want a better option than eating-out, or a take-away. Satay sauce is a versatile base for many meat and many lovely vegetable options.   The ingredients […]

The ethics and practicalities of anti-foul

This week we have been using the better weather to move forward the exterior winter tasks on our Sigma 38, Rho. Foremost amongst these has been the painting of the hull with anti-foul paint, designed to prevent/lessen the growth of weeds, barnacles, worms and other life on the hull, keel and rudder. Even with the […]

Super Blue Blood Moon – Once in a Blue Moon

Check the moon in this evening’s clear skies (29 January 2018) because the forecast for the rest of the week is for cloud cover. The 31 January 2018 will see the coincidence of three special types of moon: Blue moon – The second full moon in a month (the last was 2 January 2018). Super […]

Plastics on board

We have all been shocked by the BBC’s Planet Earth II footage of seabirds and turtles struggling with plastic in our seas and oceans. Ellen McArthur’s campaign after her experiences of the Pacific ocean gyre was launched more than 5 years ago, and yet the problem seems to be getting worse. The experts have told […]

How does a keel and rudder affect handling and performance?

A lot of energy is spent on fine-tuning and upgrading equipment above the water line but did you know how the keel and rudder critically affects the handling and performance of a boat? The type of sailing that you are interested in will always influence the type of keel and rudder which will be more […]

AIS- tension between sea safety and commercial confidentiality

Over the last week we have all been reading about the Sanchi, the Iranian Oil Tanker now on the bottom of the East China Sea. 32 lives have been lost and there is a substantial environmental impact of the 1m barrels of crude condensate spilt or burnt. Yesterday we read in the FT that the […]

Top 5 Christmas Gift ideas for sailors

With our London-based RYA Theory courses finishing this weekend and Christmas only a few weeks away its time to look at some gift ideas for sailors of all levels. 1 . Waterproof Bag A waterproof bag will keep you and all your gear nice and dry even on the wettest of boats as well as ensuring […]

Over reliance on electronic charts

We asked Simon Wilson, Equinox Sailing’s Chief Instructor if there are any pit falls in using electronic charts for passage planning. For many sailors sailing in familiar waters, they are aware of any navigation risks and possible major dangers they face while sailing in those areas.  For sailors who sail in the same waters on […]

History of the Shipping forecast

The UK shipping forecast has been issued uninterrupted since 1867. After 150 years it still provides a vital role for those at sea, providing gale warnings and sea area forecasts four times a day. But how did it all start? On the 25th/26th October 1859 the British Isles was shaken by a severe storm in […]

Wind Awareness

Wind awareness is a very important skill to learn, essential when it comes to sailing a boat safely and efficiently. Knowing where the wind is coming from will allow you to plan your passage more effectively. Knowing the wind direction enables you to trim your sails to decrease your passage time and in some cases […]