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Three Peaks Yacht Race – the final result

After 4 and a half days, large winds, no winds, rowing and a few hours on the mountains, Team Rho completed the Three Peaks Yacht Race a little after 09.30 on Thursday 21st June.  It was a close race to the end, but an engine issue entering Corpach saw Rho rowing into the marina and […]

Three Peaks Yacht Race- Race Report- 11.42 Wednesday 20th June

Wednesday 20th June -Skipper Nick Woolven Currently approaching the Sound of Jura- very light and fickle winds- concerned we might not make it through Sound of Luing on the next tide….Everyone has caught us up after we hit these winds last night.

Three Peaks Yacht Race- Race Report 09.57 Tuesday 19th June

Race Report- Tuesday 19th June 09.57 Skipper Nick Woolven One hour out of Whitehaven – racing against MCR, Sea Fever, Quickstep adn Stormwind to the mull of Galloway before the wind dies – 150% doing the business again and so far we are pulling away.

Three Peaks Yacht Race – Race Report 17.26 Monday 18th June

Three Peaks Yacht Race Report 17.26 Monday 18th June- Skipper Nick Woolven At Whitehaven anchored waiting for the sealock at 20:00 – we missed it by 20mins at 16:00 – now sea fever, MCR, stir wind will catch us again. Jeremy and Karl will have to do scafell in sub 7:45 to get out again […]

Three Peaks Yacht Race- Race Report 07.41 Monday 18th June

Race Report- Skipper Nick Woolven. 07.41 18/06/12 Sat night was vile – we were unlucky as the wind did veer as quickly as we thought.  We recovered from that and  clawed our way back to fifth at C’von mainly due to some excellent teamwork short tacking under the cliffs of the Llyn peninsula to stay […]

‘Exciting’ weather before the off and Rho currently lying in third

Pre race, Rho arrived in Barmouth on Thursday in what skipper Nick described as ‘exciting’ weather. But with the wind expected to disappear early in the race, lots of rowing was expected in the first leg- pictures from the start suggest the seas may not have calmed as much as anticipated. The race started at […]

Three Peaks Yacht Race 2012 -Fitting the rowing rigs

With just over a week to go before the Three Peaks Yacht Race, we have been busy preparing Rho for the race. Final preparations included the fitting of the rowing rig; the Three Peaks Yacht Race allows permits the use of rowing, which is helpful during periods of calm or when trying to punch through […]