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Top 5 Christmas Gift ideas for sailors

With our London-based RYA Theory courses finishing this weekend and Christmas only a few weeks away its time to look at some gift ideas for sailors of all levels. 1 . Waterproof Bag A waterproof bag will keep you and all your gear nice and dry even on the wettest of boats as well as ensuring […]

Over reliance on electronic charts

We asked Simon Wilson, Equinox Sailing’s Chief Instructor if there are any pit falls in using electronic charts for passage planning. For many sailors sailing in familiar waters, they are aware of any navigation risks and possible major dangers they face while sailing in those areas.  For sailors who sail in the same waters on […]

History of the Shipping forecast

The UK shipping forecast has been issued uninterrupted since 1867. After 150 years it still provides a vital role for those at sea, providing gale warnings and sea area forecasts four times a day. But how did it all start? On the 25th/26th October 1859 the British Isles was shaken by a severe storm in […]

Wind Awareness

Wind awareness is a very important skill to learn, essential when it comes to sailing a boat safely and efficiently. Knowing where the wind is coming from will allow you to plan your passage more effectively. Knowing the wind direction enables you to trim your sails to decrease your passage time and in some cases […]

Boat Daily Engine Checks

Although an engine on most sailing boats is considered an auxiliary form of propulsion, it is essential for convenience and safety, for example to enable a boat to get from outside a harbour safely into a berth or to aid in recovery of a person overboard. Although most charter and sailing school boats are used […]

Common types of yachts

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between a twin-masted schooner and a gaff-rigged sloop? Equinox Sailing has put together a guide to the different types of yachts and some of their characteristics. Hulls There are three main types, based on the number of hulls the yacht has, a monohull which has one, a […]

Preparing your boat for sea

Ensuring your boat and crew are prepared for sea is an important job as a skipper. A certain amount of preparation can be done before you step on the boat, but inevitably there are aspects of the preparation which can only be carried out once on board and together with the crew. For inexperienced skippers […]

Recommended safety equipment for cruising

The safety equipment required on board a commercial vessel, such as our Sigma 38 ‘Rho’, is outlined by the MCA. The equipment is checked on an annual basis and essential safety equipment such as life jackets and life rafts are required to be serviced and certified as suitable for use by registered service centres. A […]

Yacht Safety Brief

Safety is paramount when sailing, but it’s very easy to overload new or inexperienced crew with too much information.  As a skipper It’s important to gauge the depth of safety brief for the type of trip, the experience of the crew and your and the crew’s prior knowledge of the boat.  It is your responsibility […]

How do Tides Work?

Understanding how tides work is essential if you plan on sailing in tidal areas.  As the depth of water changes throughout the day, sometimes ports and harbours may not be accessible as they are too shallow, or sailing to a particular destination may be more difficult as the flow of tide is going in the […]