Advanced Racing Skills

To maximise speed while racing, the crew of the boat must be a tight, unified unit. Crew members who understand their role and the role of their fellow team members ensure a slick delivery, clean manoeuvres, with speed and efficiency. Resulting in a faster boat.

We are offering experienced sailors the opportunity to develop their racing skills in all areas using a Mini 6.50, a small fast and exciting offshore race boat.
The Mini 6.50 races with a crew of 4. The programme will be limited to 3 crew and  a race coach, offering  the opportunity for the crew to become proficient in all skills required to race a boat, fast.

Being a good all round sailor has many advantages, being able to helm, trim and an understanding of race navigation while racing offshore will  make  a sailor a first choice crew member for skippers  and a more confident sailor.

Racing roles can be broken into skill sets

Being able to helm upwind, downwind, and maintaining a course are key when racing, as well as having a working knowledge of the racing rules allowing you to position the boat on the course.

Being able to trim all the sails on board is important, as well as knowing how one sail effects the other.  A well trimmed boat will ultimately heel less and sail faster which is essential when racing.

A well sailed and trimmed boat is worthless if it not going in the right direction.  Learn the fundamentals of race navigation and put them into practice.

Deck work
Sail handling, hoisting, dropping, packing spinnakers and reefing are all part of sailing.  Being familiar with how it should be done is essential when sailing in watches or at night.

We have put together a package of 3 inshore race weekends that include training on Saturday and racing on Sunday and a longer 30 mile coastal race.

You will spend the weekend practicing and racing in one of the key areas, helming, trimming, navigation/strategy and deck work. The crew will rotate through the areas each weekend.

Individual weekends will be available as well as the opportunity to charter the boat for additional races or to race 140nm in two offshore races double handed with a race coach.

Weekend 1 – 4th – 5th March                       £250 individual weekend cost
Weekend 2 – 11th – 12th March                   £250 individual weekend cost
Weekend 3 – 26th – 27th March                   £250 individual weekend cost
Weekend 19th – 20th March                          £350 individual weekend cost

Package price £900

Our Mini 6.50 is available for charter for additional races, if you are interested in trying double handed racing please check out our double handed racing page for more information.

Please contact us if you are interested in our Advanced Racing Skills program.