RYA Day Skipper Practical

Interested in attending your RYA Day Skipper Practical next year?  Find out what’s involved

For a lot of people chartering a boat in the med surrounded by crystal clear waters while sipping their favourite tipple is what sailing is all about.  Some wish to explore the ports and harbours closer to home.  For others they wish to explore Northern Europe or the Channel Islands.

Whatever type of sailing you are into unless you own your own boat you will require to charter one.  Chartering a boat requires a few things, a valid ICC (International Certificate of Competency) for the craft you wish to charter an SRC (VHF) licence, and some competent crew to help you get the boat from A to B.

The RYA Day Skipper course provides you with an ICC, and it is recognised that you have attended a course with a recognised sailing school, and have been taught by a qualified instructor, to a set syllabus.

Once completed, the RYA Day Skipper course is an entry level certificate of competency that will allow you to charter both in the UK and around the world,

Unsure how to go about getting your RYA Day Skipper?

The RYA Day Skipper is a residential course that sees you getting on a boat on Monday morning, setting sail and returning on Friday afternoon.  You boat will be a 38ft Sigma 38 called ‘Rho’ which is fast and comfortable to sail, and a pleasure to manoeuvre under engine.

During your 5 day on board you will learn how to become a RYA Day Skipper, manage crew, select the correct sails for the prevailing conditions, and what actions you should take if you need to reduce sail due to unexpected conditions.

As a Day Skipper you will be expected to be able to sail a boat on all points of sail, tack and gybe safely, and be aware of the rules that sailing boats must follow.

During your RYA Day Skipper course you will take what you learnt in the class room and apply it to everyday conditions.  Learn to control a boat in the confined spaces of a marina, and what actions to take in an emergency.

For more details on what you will be learning please visit the RYA Day Skipper page of our website.

Ways to keep sailing

Once you have you RYA Day Skipper, it is important to keep sailing, yacht or dinghy racing can be a great way to keep active on the water as well as improve your skills and to put into practice the ones you already have.  We race regularly so if you’re interested visit our ‘Yacht Racing’ page for more details about getting started.

Join a sailing club
Find a local club and get involved, boats owners are always looking for enthusiastic crew and many clubs are looking for Skippers to become part of club events. Dinghy sailing is a great way to improve your sailing skills as you have to rely on your senses rather instruments so it becomes natural allowing you to enjoy it more and concentrate on other areas perhaps like navigation and crew management.

Unsure which RYA Course is right for you?  Contact us on 020 7002 7676 or [email protected] to discuss your previous experience or your next sailing goals.

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