Hamble Winter Series Race 7 Blog: Sunday 24th November

Hamble Winter Series

After the light conditions of last weekend (Race 6-Sunday 17th November) I was pleased to see the forecast of 10-15 knots from the North, North East.  It was a cloudy morning, but thankfully not as cold as it has been – It was also dry and forecast to stay that way which is always a cheering thought on a chilly morning.

The start was at Ryde Middle which is a shallow bank to the East of the Isle of Wight.  We got to the start area with some time to spare we decided to try and start somewhere in the middle of the line.  For a good start two things must happen, a) be at the line when the gun goes off and b) be at full speed….

We managed to be on the line but were not up to full speed. We were a little early and with no room to manoeuvre we had to ease our sheets to avoid crossing the line.  The Sigma 38 is a heavy boat and takes time to accelerate.

This left us in the dirty air of the boats in front and unable to tack away as there were boats to windward.  We managed to find some clear air and set about catching Marta who were ahead.

We sailed a clean race and had no mistake so congratulations to the crew – unfortunately the boats in front did the same so we finished in 9th although only 3 minutes behind 7th and 8th who were split by 7 seconds.

As I have said in previous reports if we get a good start and sail a clean race we can do well.

Let’s hope we get a better start next week, as in one design racing making up mistakes can be a difficult task.

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