Changes to the RYA SRC Radio course due to take effect January 2014

The RYA have announced changes to the RYA SRC Radio course to bring it into line with European recommendations.

We have listed the changes and how they will affect the course below. As part of the new system, an online version of the course will be available – we are assisting with the testing of the new online version of the RYA SRC Radio course and the online simulated radio is a very effective learning tool.

But the changes to the RYA SRC Radio course will require a little more in terms of time and as a result of the new dedicated assessment, and increase in the course fee.

Changes to the RYA SRC Radio course:

▪                  We have recently been briefed by the RYA on some pressures they are under from overseas regulators to change the current RYA SRC Radio course

▪                  The SRC assessment will change from 2nd January 2014 – changes that will involve a increase in the assessment fee and separation of the tuition and assessment roles.  This would bring the UK into line with most International civilian RT qualifications

▪                  In preparation for these changes the RYA is now testing an on-line SRC course.  We have been involved in the beta-testing and the course is very good and we expect this to be available from early next year

▪                  For new students the cost of the SRC will go up and therefore taking the course before the end of 2013 will be cost effective.  Equinox are providing additional courses in 2013 to meet the expected demand, in what is usually a quiet time of the year.

The details:

▪                  The current RYA SRC Radio course is run over I day or 2 evenings with a short written exam at the end.  From the 2nd January 2014 students will no longer be able to be examined by the course instructor and will be required to attend a I day or 2 evenings course followed by a dedicated practical and written assessment.
This will add an extra half day or additional evening to the length of the course

▪                  There will be an option to study the course as an online course. Once the on line course has been completed, the student must attend a practical and written assessment, as per the classroom-based course. Equinox Sailing will be offering both the online and classroom-based courses

▪                  The current fee for the SRC licence is £30.00, this will increase to £60.00 after the 2nd January 2014 to cover the costs of the new dedicated assessment. This will increase the overall course fee.
We are running additional RYA SRC Radio courses in December for anyone who would like to complete the course before the changes take effect. Please have a look at our RYA SRC Radio course page for the dates.

If you would like further details of the changes or to book on to the RYA SRC radio course, please do get in touch with us at [email protected] or on 020 7002 7676.

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