Sailing for Beginners

If you have ever dreamed of sailing a yacht it on any waters around the world, Equinox Sailing can help to turn this dream into reality.

Beginners who have never been out at sea before but aspire to learn how to sail can start both theoretical and practical classes at Equinox Sailing. It is a leading RYA training centre and the place to be if you want to learn to truly appreciate sailing as a skill and a sport.

Once you enrol for the beginner courses, you will undertake the theoretical course in London and the practical in the Solent. You can learn to race or cruise, getting your practice on the waters of the Solent. A day out on the Solent waters or a weekend cruising the many harbours of England’s South Coast will undoubtedly help you to gain your sea legs and hone your newly acquired sailing skills.

Equinox Sailing trains you in a challenging environment, where experienced and friendly instructors ensure that everyone works together as a team. You learn not just how to navigate a vessel, but also safety rules and survival skills. Now you can even earn nautical miles from Equinox Sailing for every time you sail, and redeem them later.

To kick off your journey of seamanship, call Equinox Sailing today on +4402070027676 and register for sailing courses.

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