Sailing courses for Beginners

If you have long dreamed of chartering a boat around the Mediterranean, cruising the waters around the British Isles or across to Europe but are a total beginner in sailing a boat then do not hesitate to contact the friendly experienced team at Equinox Sailing who offer sailing courses for beginners that will soon have you mastering the waves and splicing the main brace!

Equinox Sailing provides RYA sailing courses for beginners that are based on the waters of the Solent and in London. They have a state of the art training centre from which you can learn the theoretical aspects of sailing before taking to the waters with one of their highly experienced instructors.

Before taking a sailing course with Equinox Sailing they strongly recommend that you go out on the water with them for a day or a weekend to see if you have ‘sea legs’ and enjoy the experience.  Their RYA Start Yachting course is the ideal starting place for beginners that are new to sailing as it can be taken and completed over a weekend and is a fabulous way to gain a basic grounding in sailing and its many techniques.

If you take the RYA Start Yachting course and really enjoy it then the team at Equinox Sailing highly recommend that you follow this up with the RYA Competent Crew course which will allow you 5 Days of silting on a boat which will enable you to get a really good feeling for life on the sea and perfect your sailing skills.

So to book your beginners sailing course and start riding the wave towards achieving your sailing dreams, call Equinox Sailing now on 0207 002 7676

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