How to Sail A Yacht

When planning to learn how to sail a yacht, the best place you should go to is Equinox Sailing School. Here, we offer training in cruising, sailing and RYA. As professionals, we will ensure that you learn more about sailing each day. You can visit and learn more about the trainings that we offer even before you contact us.

At our training school, you will learn how to sail a yacht under the watchful eyes of our instructors. In case you already know how to sail, there is still room to improve your skills. You can join the weekend classes where we improve skills and also teach new learners different skills when it comes to sailing.

There are different training programs that you can go for. One of them is the Day skipper Practical. We provide this for those who have little skills on sailing a yacht. In this training, you will have both theory and practical lessons. The practical lessons are carried out by our highly trained and experienced tutors.

Beginner sailing courses are also offered. These are specifically designed for those who have never sailed before. We will ensure that you have all the knowledge and skills that you need. You need to attend the theory and practical classes to learn all that you need about sailing. In case you need any more information about our sailing courses, you can call us on +44 (0)20 7123 4567.

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