Yacht Cruising In The South Coast

Are you out to experience a sport that is challenging, thrilling and at the same time exciting? Maybe you are looking for a fun way of getting away from the hustles and bustles of everyday life in the city. If you feel it is now time to finally make your dream of sailing a reality, there is no better way to achieve this than through the sailing classes at Equinox Sailing. This is where masters of yacht cruising in the South Coast are born.

The very location of Equinox Sailing, on the banks of River Hamble, makes it the best training centre for yachtmasters, skippers and crew in the UK. You get to cruise on a yacht on the famous waters of the Solent for your practical, navigating its many marinas for an experience that blends tactical skills and challenge.

Whether you’re new to sailing and after basic yacht cruising skills or looking to achieve a higher qualification, Equinox Sailing is the recognized RYA training centre that meets all your needs. There are experienced trainers who offer both practical and theory courses, including short courses aimed at assisting you polish your skills.

If you dream of a leisurely breakfast on a yacht sitting still at the docks, followed by a leisurely cruise across the South Coast waters and a day ended gazing at the sunset as gentle waves rock the boat, then maybe yacht cruising is for you.

Call Equinox Sailing today on + 44 (0) 20 7002 7676 and enrol for RYA sailing courses, to be taught how to sail by UK’s best trainers. Become a true sailor in no time!

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