Beginner Sailing Courses

A novice set for adventure at deep sea or merely cruising natural harbours will need to master some skills in sailing, and there are no better beginner sailing courses tailored to meet their needs than those offered by Equinox Sailing. Here, you get the best of RYA training, from theory courses at the London-based centre to practical courses from the river Hamble base.

This top-notch RYA training centre offers courses for those interested in learning racing tactics and strategies, honing existing sailing skills or getting the hang of cruising in the famous Solent waters and South England’s natural harbours. A beginner is presented with some of the easiest starting options to be found anywhere else in the United Kingdom at Equinox Sailing.

The RYA Start Yachting course is the most basic step the learner takes, and it involves getting introduced to the sea by coming out onto the water for either one day or an entire weekend cruise. This is simply to help them get the feel of water and how they like yacht sailing. There is also the RYA Competent Crew, which involves spending five days on a boat at sea to hone survival skills.

You can choose to combine acquiring sailing experience with getting a qualification, which Equinox Sailing is only too happy to allow. You get the time of your life on water, whichever the type of sailing you fancy.

Call Equinox Sailing now on 0207 002 7676 and learn to sail like a pro on the famous waters of the Solent.

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