Book A Competant Crew Course

If you are looking to book competent crew course then look no further than Equinox Sailing. Equinox Sailing is here to help you gain a qualification or to learn to sail and we offer a wide range of RYA Courses including the Competent Crew course to our students. The RYA competent crew course teaches you the basics of sailing and all the skills you need to be an effective member of a yacht crew.

The Competent Crew Course is a complete basic sailing course suitable for complete beginners or those with limited experience who want to ensure a good foundation before moving on to the next level.

You will learn how to steer the boat on a compass heading and ‘on the wind’, how to set and trim sails, operate winches, boat preparation, how to enter and leave the harbour, pick up moorings, anchor and all the rope-work and knots.

Join the boat on Monday morning; meet your instructor and crew, after a safety briefing, set off for a week on the water, returning Friday afternoon. On completion of the Competent Crew Course, you will have an understanding of sailing have gained a recognised certificate in crew competence. For more information, contact us at Equinox sailing 02070027676.

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