Sailors- mid-week drink, share and think

You are welcome to come and join us…

We’ve had a interesting summer of both heavy and light weather. Before we dig out our thermals for the winter we are organising a fortnightly mid-week meet-up to share our experiences, prepare for the winter racing and plan for next year.

We intend to cover a number of interesting and challenging topics, to refresh a few subjects on which we’re sure we are all a bit rusty, and jointly talk through our hot topics.

So far our ideas are:

How to make the best of the challenging and changeable weather, global warming is bringing

  • How global warming seems to be affecting our weather
  • How air pressure, tides, winds and precipitation are impacting inshore and offshore sailing
  • Doing your own met observations and second-guessing the official forecasts
  • How best to plan your sailing around the less predictable conditions

Rope – from basics knot practice to practical maintenance

  • Refresher on key knots for different ropes and uses
  • How to look after ropes and maximise their life

Victualling ideas

  • Good food and drink without junk
  • Heavy weather, food allergies, sea sickness and other challenges.


We anticipate a 60-90 minute presentation and open discussion followed by a few drinks in the bar.   We hope you can join us and that you can bring your experiences and queries

If you are interested in joining us please let us know so we can plan logistics and handouts. If you know anyone else who would be interested in attending please forward this email and bring them along.

Join us in the first floor reception room of         

The Bishops Finger                                         on           18th October 2012 1900-2100
9-10 West Smithfield                                                     1st November 2012 1900-2100
London                                                                                 15th November 2012 1900-2100
EC1A 9JP                                                                              29th November 2012 1900-2100


We ask for  £5 to cover the room hire

If you have any topics you would like us to cover or for more information please email us on [email protected]


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