Three Peaks Yacht Race- Race Report 07.41 Monday 18th June

Race Report- Skipper Nick Woolven.
07.41 18/06/12

Sat night was vile – we were unlucky as the wind did veer as quickly as we thought.  We recovered from that and  clawed our way back to fifth at C’von mainly due to some excellent teamwork short tacking under the cliffs of the Llyn peninsula to stay out of adverse tide.  Most of the crew were sick in the huge seas on sat night so  Karl and Mark struggled on Snowdon after losing their suppers and little or no sleep but they managed to overtake the Quickstep girls.   We were fourth boat to leave C’fon – but v tight racing four boats abreast thru the swellies – we initially lost out but managed to recover and gain third by the Puffin island.  The Irish sea has been about weakening winds – this morning we have team MCR behind us as we row, so we think we are either first or second ( we don’t know where the reflex 38 is)…

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